Jeff Bradetich

"Silence followed the final note as Jeff Bradetich completed an encore...those seconds of stillness were a tribute: When something is perfect, you can't bear to let it end."
- Eugene Register-Guard (Oregon)

"Jeff Bradetich used the double bass to give a lesson in musical phrasing that would have been anybody who has an interest in stringing notes together to make music."
- Austin American-Statesman (Texas)

"His playing had force and elegance, and he produced a remarkably clean, clear sound."
- New York Times

September 12, 2012

Artem Chirkov's USA Schedule:

Sept. 13th - Bringham Young University, College of Music
Master Class @ 5pm
Sept. 14th - Bringham Young University, College of Music
Recital @ 6pm

Sept. 16th - The 12th Annual Rocky Mountain String Bass Festival
Technique Class @ 2:15pm
Recital @ 5:30pm Grusin Music Hall of the CU College of Music
Sept. 17th @ 7pm Master Class
CU College of Music, room C-199, the Chamber Hall.

Sept. 18th - University of North Texas College of Music
Master Class @ 7:30pm

Sept. 21st - The Austin Bassfest 2012
held at Butler School of Music, The University of Texas at Austin
Recital @ 8pm- Studio (MRH 2.628)
Sept. 22nd - Master Class @ 1pm

Sept. 23rd - San Francisco Conservatory
Master Class @ 11am

Sept. 24th - KNUTH HALL San Francisco State University
Recital @ 7pm

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