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Bass Conservatory of Dallas

In-person classes for the Bass Conservatory of Dallas will begin on

Thursday, October, 26th - at Grace Presbyterian Church in Plano, Texas.  


For all those who are not in Texas, you could have the opportunity to work with experienced teachers from anywhere in the world and enhance your bass technique through the International Virtual Bass Conservatory! More details here!

Creating new avenues for young bass players worldwide,
fostering their learning and passion for the bass.

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Dr. Gudrun Raschen, the creative mind behind the Bass Conservatory of Dallas, has crafted an innovative and immensely successful group instruction model. Students at every skill level participate in small groups to explore their technique, bass chamber music, prepare for All-State and All-Region auditions, excel in solo performances, research music theory, and foster improvisational skills. In this dynamic environment, students not only benefit from the expertise of esteemed instructors and guest artists but also learn from their peers, gaining invaluable experience in mentoring fellow students. 


Our weekly sessions, guided by accomplished professionals from the DFW Metroplex such as Jose Saavedra Diaz and Bob Lee Simmons, are enriched with masterclasses led by globally renowned artists, including Jeff Bradetich, Gudrun Raschen, Dominik Wagner, Andrew Cody Williams, Gabriel Roberto Ramon, and more. 


The Bradetich Foundation takes immense pride in its sponsorship of the Bass Conservatory of Dallas, the International Virtual Bass Conservatory, and the Elite Class Program. These initiatives aim to create new avenues for young bass players worldwide, fostering their learning and passion for the bass. 


The Bass Conservatory of Dallas doesn't stop at developing most aspects of double bass playing; it's also designed to elevate students' appreciation and enjoyment of music. Graduates of our program have secured placements in top-tier U.S. schools and embarked on successful careers in various facets of the music profession. Notably, our record in All-State achievements speaks for itself, showcasing our commitment to nurturing exceptional talent. 

Fall Semester 2023




2, 9,
16, 30 


7, 14, 21*



6:00pm - 6:40pm Beginner / Intermediate Bass Class
5-minute Break

6:45pm - 7:15pm Combined Bass Class
5-minute Break

7:20pm - 8:00pm Advanced Bass Class

Classes will be organized according to playing level. The Beginner/Intermediate Class meets for 40 minutes at 6 p.m., followed by the 30-minute Group Class starting at 6:45 p.m. Subsequently, the Advanced Bass Class meets for 40 minutes at 7:20 p.m.  

Registration for Bass Conservatory of Dallas

To enroll follow these steps:

1. Fill out this Registration Form.

2. Pay for your semestral or monthly tuition

3. Email a screenshot of your payment, or a photo of the check, to

About Our Classes

Beginner / Intermediate - Advanced Bass Class

Topics covered throughout the semester:

  • Technical Exercises  

  • Solo Playing 

  • Orchestral Playing 

  • All Region Excerpts 

  • All State Excerpts 

  • Chamber Music 

Group Bass Class

This middle hour presents a valuable opportunity for students to showcase their work progress in a Solo Masterclass format, performing in front of an attentive audience. Moreover, this session frequently includes mock auditions, guest performances, guided listening and viewing activities, as well as lectures covering a diverse range of topics, including:​ 


  • Masterclass Excerpts 

  • Solo Masterclass 

  • Music Theory 

  • Music History 

  • Double Bass History 

  • Double Bass in the XXI Century  

  • Jazz Double Bass  

  • Memorization 

  • Goal Setting 

  • Practice Routines 


The content of these classes will be catered to the needs of the students. Please invite your friends to join the conservatory, since these classes are more beneficial with more participants!  

Webinar, Mock Audition, Chamber Music & Final Performance

As an integral part of our curriculum, we strongly encourage students to study Orchestral Excerpts. Over the course of thirteen sessions, participants will immerse themselves in a diverse array of musical styles, dive into different articulations, and refine techniques to gain a deeper understanding of orchestral music. To put their newfound skills to the test, a mock audition will be conducted during the first week of December. The standout performer in this audition will be rewarded with a special prize generously sponsored by Lemur Music. 


Chamber music preparation, an indispensable aspect of our program, provides students with a practical platform to apply their listening skills within a performance context and prepares them for the real moment of performance. During the latter part of the semester, students will be grouped with their peers for the opportunity to perform chamber music, including duets, trios, and other double bass arrangements. 


These chamber pieces will take center stage in our final concert on December 21st. Additionally, students will have the chance to showcase a solo piece they've worked on during the masterclass sessions throughout the semester. This represents an invaluable opportunity for students to gain insights into a live performance. 


We extend a warm invitation to all to join us at the final performance. Please feel free to bring along your friends and family to share in this musical experience! 



Tuesday, November 14th 


History of the Double Bass: Anton Torello, the Spanish bass school of Barcelona, and its impact on American double bass playing, by Jose Saavedra 

Important Dates: 


Applications Open: Oct 6th 

Webinar: Nov 14th  

Mock Audition: Dec 7th  

Dress Rehearsal: Dec 14th 

Concert: Dec 21st 


Weekly sessions cost $40, including your participation in the Group Lessons, Small Groups, and Masterclasses. Materials are not included. 


  • Monthly: Payment in advance is due by the 3rd of each month. 


  • 8-WEEK program: One single payment for the semester $320.  

Paying in advance for the semester will allow you to receive a $10 discount. 


Monthly Costs

*Payment in advance is due by the 3rd of each month*







All payments can be processed through:


Venmo: @bradetichfoundation - “BCD Tuition”


Check payable to: Bradetich Foundation and mail it to:

1155 Union Circle #310143
Denton, TX 76203

For more information, please email:

The BCD will accept weekly payments.

Bring a check for the lesson or pay via Venmo, no cash accepted. In case of absence, make up lessons are not offered, nor are refunds/credits offered. Exceptions will be made on an individual basis in case of illness, accident or emergency.

Contact Information

If you are interested in attending the Bass Conservatory of Dallas or you have questions about the program, please send an email to or visit our social media, like, follow, and DM us!  

The Bass Conservatory of Dallas,  and the International Virtual Bass Conservatory, are programs sponsored by the Bradetich Foundation. 

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