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This book is now available in print (English), and as an eBook, in both Spanish & English. We are now offering El Maximo Desafio for our Spanish-speaking colleagues! We are currently working hard to present the Chinese version of the eBook, coming Spring 2018!

In the double bass world today, there exists a tremendous diversity of playing styles, performance personalities and nationalistic traditions. Within this diversity, however, there are certain unalterable truths that pervade all great string playing. This book is a treatise and a resource to help the reader find answers to the necessary questions that will allow for the greatest possible achievement on the bass. It is designed to foster technique, musicianship and the understanding of concepts, philosophies and thought processes essential to conquering the ultimate challenge: the Double Bass.


The 12 chapters of this book, utilizing hundreds of photos and musical examples, include: Physical Characteristics, Standing vs. Sitting, The Right Hand, The Left Hand, Shifting, Intonation, Fingering Concepts, Harmonics, Bow Strokes, Vibrato, Pizzicato, How to Practice, and the special pull out section of Technical Exercises.

Double Bass: The Ultimate Challenge by Jeff Bradetich

“Students from all over the world and from every level, please, trust him! Take everything as your real basis for a well-founded technique! I personally, and totally, agree with the content."
Thierry Barbé - Principal Double Bass Opera de Paris National Orchestra

“Jeff Bradetich is a world-class virtuoso performer and passionate teacher who has acquired enormous depth and experience to author such a masterful text.”

Rufus Reid- The Evolving Bassist

"This is one of the most important books of the last fifty years. It should be in every university and conservatory library, every teacher of the double bass should read it, and double bassists of every level will find confirmation of their strengths and lots of answers for their questions."

Orin O’Brien - New York Philharmonic

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