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Virtual Bass & Cello Conservatory

Classes for the Virtual Conservatory of the Bass & Cello Conservatory of Dallas, will begin on September 21st!


There are a few changes this year, so please read this message carefully. For all those who are away from Texas, you can connect from any part of the world to develop your technique on the bass with experienced teachers at the Virtual Bass & Cello Conservatory!


About Our Classes

After facing a rough year with the ongoing pandemic we have observed and embraced the perks of remote learning in the performance field such as the possibility of expanding the knowledge of double bass technique by using a teaching model of group instruction mixing synchronous and asynchronous remote learning. We cover:

  • Technique

  • Bass chamber music 

  • All-State and All-Region preparation 

  • Orchestra playing and solo playing as designed by Founder and Artistic Director Dr. Gudrun Raschen


This means, a combination of assigned tasks and lectures with ZOOM interactive group lessons and small groups for a more detailed work with the instructor simulating an in-person lesson. Video assignments have a balanced due time with the synchronous activities. These assignments receive weekly comments to help you develop your technique.

In addition to working with major teachers and guest artists, students learn from one another and gain experience mentoring other students through remote learning. Classes will be taught through ZOOM, engaging students to the develop of their technique in weekly sessions led by professionals from the DFW Metroplex including Jose Saavedra Diaz, and world-renowned guest artists for the masterclasses including Jeff Bradetich, Gudrun Raschen, Andrew Williams, Luke Rodgers, and more! 


The Virtual Bass Conservatory is also designed to increase the student’s appreciation and enjoyment of music. Students from the Bass and Cello Conservatory have gone on to study at top schools in the US and win major competitions and jobs in all phases of their music profession, not to mention our Allstate record. And after a successful first year, the Virtual Bass Conservatory embraces the online resources to celebrate its second year of helping bass players to develop their technique remotely, from any part of the world!

First Meeting:  September 22nd

To facilitate access and a flexible schedule to the course, the classes will be structured according to the attendance we receive this Fall. The first meeting will happen on Wednesday, September 22nd. We will start with a technique class and then break into two small groups (Groups A & B). There will be a video submission prior to the first meeting to select the members of each group.

Small Group A: 30 minutes, starting at 7pm Central Time

Group Class: 1 hour, starting at 7:30pm Central Time

Small Group B: 30 minutes, starting at 8:30pm Central Time

Video Submission

Everyone is welcome in the Virtual Bass and Cello Conservatory, however, in order to give you better guidance, we will split you into two groups. To know which group makes a good fit for you, we need to you to record a video playing two fundamental pieces of the bass technique: 


  • G major scale (two or three octaves, add any variations that show your best playing), and

  • Solo work that best represents your abilities


  • Four Note Progressive Scale contained in the Bradetich Technical Exercises Booklet for the Double Bass. PDF material will be sent after you register for the course. Four notes slurred, quarter note = 60 bpm or, Max’s Magic Four notes slurred, quarter note = 100 bpm (also contained in the booklet)

Small Groups: A & B

The Small Groups help to dedicate a detailed work with students on similar levels of developing technique. Topics covered throughout the semester:

  • Technical Exercises 

  • All Region Excerpts

  • All State Excerpts

  • Chamber Music

  • Solo Playing

Fall Semester 2022: Class Dates


21, 28


05, 12, 19, 26


02, 09, 16, 30

Thanksgiving Break Nov. 23


07, 14, 21*

*Virtual Concert

Group Class: Wednesdays

The combined Group Class meets on Wednesdays at 7pm CT, and will cover relevant information regarding the bass world and various musical subjects, including:

  • Masterclass Excerpts

  • Solo Masterclass

  • Music Theory

  • Improvisation

  • Music History

  • Double Bass History

  • Double Bass in the XXI Century 

  • Jazz Double Bass 

  • Bow Types

  • Double Bass making 


Each class will be flexible throughout the year to best suit each student’s needs. Students are encouraged to invite friends to participate, since these classes are more beneficial with more participants.

Virtual Concert: Chamber Music Online

The Final Virtual Concert will be happening on December 21st. We will perform the chamber music pieces we worked on throughout the semester, featuring individual performances by our students, and chamber groups.


Fee: $35 per weekly session, paid monthly

This amount includes your participation in the Group Lessons, Small Groups and Masterclasses, materials are not included.

The Virtual Bass Conservatory offers two payment plans:

Monthly: Price varies per month depending on the number of sessions in each month (detailed below). Payment in advance is due by the 3rd of each month.

Full Semester: One payment for the full semester at a 10% discount! Paying upfront for the semester gives you a 10% discount in all semester sessions for a total of $410.

(Total without discount $455; $45 savings!)

Decide what plan works best for you & use the PayPal buttons below to pay!

All payments must be made through PayPal.


Monthly Costs

*Payment in advance is due by the 3rd of each month*









All payments can be processed through:


Venmo: @bradetichfoundation - “VBC Tuition”


Check payable to: Bradetich Foundation and mail it to:

1155 Union Circle #310143
Denton, TX 76203

For more information, please email:

The BCC will not accept weekly payments.

In case of absence, make up lessons are not offered, nor are refunds/credits offered. Exceptions will be made on an individual basis in case of illness, accident, or emergency.

For more information, please email:

Registration for Virtual Bass Conservatory

To enroll for the Virtual Bass Conservatory, follow these steps:

1. Fill out this Registration Form.

2. Pay for your semestral or monthly tuition

3. Email a screenshot of your payment, or a photo of the check to

4. Submit your video to Google Drive or YouTube as an “unlisted” video and send the link to

Contact Information

If you are interested in attending Conservatory classes or you have questions about the program, please send an email to or fill out this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

The Bass & Cello Conservatory and the Virtual Bass Conservatory are services provided by the Bradetich Foundation.

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