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Bass & Cello Conservatory

In-Person Classes for the Bass and Cello Conservatory of Dallas will resume on Thursday, September 23rd at Grace Presbyterian Church in Plano, Texas. 


For all those who are away from Texas, or prefer to take classes virtually during the pandemic, you can connect with us from any part of the world to develop your technique on the bass with experienced teachers at the Virtual Bass Conservatory. More details here!

Founder of the Bass Conservatory of Dallas and master teacher, Dr. Gudrun Raschen, has established an innovative and highly successful teaching model of group instruction. Students of all levels work in small groups on technique, bass chamber music, All-State preparation, solo playing, music theory and improvisation. In addition to working with major teachers and guest artists, students learn from each other as well as gain experience mentoring other students. Classes will be taught in weekly sessions led by professionals from the DFW Metroplex: Jose Saavedra Diaz and Bob Lee Simmons, and world-renowned guest artists for the masterclasses including Jeff Bradetich, Gudrun Raschen, and more!

The Bradetich Foundation is very proud to sponsor these Conservatories, currently in Dallas, Miami, and Bogota, Colombia; with plans to open more opportunities for young bass players to learn and enjoy the bass throughout the world.

The Bass and Cello Conservatory is also designed to increase the student’s appreciation and enjoyment of music. Students from the BCC have gone on to study at top schools in the US and win major competitions and jobs in all phases of their music profession, not to mention our All State record!

Contact Information

If you are interested in attending Conservatory classes or you have questions about the program, please send an email to or fill out this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

The Bass and Cello Conservatory is a service provided by the Bradetich Foundation.

About Our Classes

Beginner / Intermediate - Advanced Bass Class

Topics covered through the semester:

  • Technical Exercises 

  • All Region Excerpts

  • All State Excerpts

  • Chamber Music

  • Improvisation

Group Bass Class

This middle hour is a valuable opportunity for students to perform music for an audience in a Solo Masterclass format. In addition to this, we will often hold mock auditions, guest performances, guided listening and viewing activities, and lectures on various topics including:


  • Masterclass Excerpts

  • Solo Masterclass

  • Music Theory

  • Improvisation

  • Music History

  • Double Bass History

  • Double Bass in the XXI Century 

  • Jazz Double Bass 

  • Bow Types

  • Memorization

  • Goal Setting

The content of these classes will be catered to the needs of the students. Please invite your friends to join the conservatory, since these classes are more beneficial with more participants!

Chamber Music & Final Performance

Chamber music preparation is an essential tool for students to put their active listening skills to use within a performance context. Students will be placed in groups toward the latter half of the semester with their colleagues for a chance to perform chamber music in duos, trios, and other double bass arrangements. 


These chamber pieces will be performed in the final concert on December 15th. Each student will also perform a solo piece that they have worked on in the masterclass sessions throughout the semester in this final performance. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to learn all about the live performance process. 


The final performance will be open to all, please bring your friends and family!

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